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Meh. This episode bugged me a lot. I was worried that it would be a gimmicky episode, and it totally was -- a big pile of very, very predictable plot holes just to introduce the new character (who I'm betting will be the subject of a spinoff at some point. Jenny just screams spinoff to me).

Things that annoyed me:

  • The whole "Everyone needs to be processed!" tissue sample thing at the very start -- and then they conveniently only take a tissue sample from The Doctor.
  • Why would the Tardis not be able to translate the Hath speech?
  • Good Lord, Martha does get herself kidnapped a lot, doesn't she?
  • It's nice how the soldiers come out of the machine with perfect hair and makeup.
I don't normally mind a plot hole here and there, because the general awesomeness of Doctor Who distracts me. This one was just so damned predictable, though! Martha's Hath buddy? Knew he (she?) was going to die saving Martha's life from start. Knew Jenny was going to die, but not really die. Knew the old guy was going to try to kill The Doctor, and knew Jenny would die saving him.

The biggest nitpick, though... there was absolutely no reason for Jenny to be The Doctor's... offspring, I guess... at all, except as another reason for The Doctor to be broody and sad. And as a potential spinoff. That's what struck me as gimmicky -- Jenny would have been the exact same character if she wasn't created from The Doctor's tissue sample, so why bother with all that? Meh.

On the other hand, Donna was, as always, awesome. Love her so very much. I also liked the comments about how very much running is involved in traveling with The Doctor. I loved the bit about the whole civilization only having existed for a week, and I wished they'd spent more time on that, and maybe explained where they came from, and why the whole war thing started.

Oh well, every season has a weak episode -- at least no one ended up a disembodied face on a paving stone this time!
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